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Baan Kiang Khong

Address: 109/3 Moo 1, Soi 5 Chai Khong Chiang Khan, Loei 42110

Area: Chiangkan

Baan Kiang Khong homestay another the Khan . Made with love And wanted to serve Tourists who visited Khan of the Khan residence is made ​​a ..

850 THB

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The Old Chiangkhan Boutique Best Selling

Address: 288 Moo 2 T. Chiang Khan A. Chiang Khan, Loei 42110

Area: Chiangkan

The Old Chiangkhan boutique hotel offers a pretty and peaceful retreat, with photogenic views of the river and mountains. Rooms are neatly ..

2,000 THB

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Riverside Chiangkhan

Address: 1/8 Moo 4 T. Chiangkhan A. Chiangkhan, Loei 42110

Area: Chiangkan

Riverside Chiang Khan is a wooden-resort close to the Mekhong river and the walking street (market). The resort is designed in a semi Thai ..

1,700 THB

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Phu Pha Nam Resort Best Selling

Address: 252 Moo 1, T. Koakngam A. Dansai, Loei 42120

Area: Phurua

Phu Pha Nam Resort - a tropical type resort, place secluded hideaway in Loei. All 40 rooms at this 3-star hotel are tailored to satisfy gues ..

2,155 THB

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Phurua Bussaba Best Selling

Address: 184 Moo 2 T. Nongbua, A. Phurua, Loei 42160

Area: Phurua

Phurua Bussaba Resort & Spa Resort, a cozy retreat. To provide comfort. Whether you are a tourist or business. All hotels guestrooms have al ..

800 THB

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Loei Village

Address: 17/62 Nokkaew R. soi 3 T.kudpong, A. Munang, Loei 42000

Area: Loei-City

Loei Village hotel the heart of the city Beautiful boutique. Offers 46 rooms privacy cleaning and full Facilities. With a warm, friendly ser ..

1,200 THB

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Sirimathani Hotel

Address: 430 M.8 Loei -Chiangkhan Road A. Muang, Loei 42000

Area: Loei-City

Sirima Thani Hotel is a hotel with excellent service and superior amenities. Make a stay here is an experience not to be forgotten. Guests c ..

1,000 THB

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Loei Palace Hotel

Address: 167/4 Charoenrat Road, Amphor Muang, Loei 42000

Area: Loei-City

The Loei Palace Hotel, offers first class accommodation of an international standard, in the heart of Loei City. The rooms come fully equipp ..

1,400 THB

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Forra Hill Resort

Address: 150 Loei-Dansai Rd., KM. 8.7, T. Seaw, A. Muang, Loei 42000

Area: Loei-City

Forra Hill Resort is situated only 8.7 km from the town of Loei Province. The resort surrounded by natural attractions such as Phu Luang Nat ..

1,100 THB

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The Royal Chiangkhan Best Selling

Address: 195 Moo 2, between Soi 15 -16, Chai Khong Rd., T. Chiangkhan A. Chiangkhan, Loei 42110

Area: Chiangkan

The Royal Chiang Khan is a newly-built boutique hotel. With our elegant and charming hotel, you will fall in love at the first sight. Hot ..

1,610 THB

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Wongsaisiri Srichiangkhan Hotel

Address: 266 Moo2, Chaiklong Road, Soi 18 Chiangkhan, Loei 4211

Area: Chiangkan

Wongsaisiri Srichiangkhan Hotel is located on Srichiangkhan Soi 18 where you can enjoy shopping at Chiangkhan open air night market. ..

1,800 THB

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King Hotel

Address: 11/8-12 Chumsai Road, Muang Loei, Loei 42000

Area: Loei-City

King Hotel Loei is a small modern, located in Loei city. King Hotel Loei offer is 48 guest rooms , fully furnished with modern furniture, ..

600 THB

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Agalin Holiday Villas

Address: 133 Pak Chom - Sri Chiang Mai Road, Huay Pichai, Pak Chom, Loei 42150

Area: Loei-City

The Agalin Holiday Villas is located in the sparsely populated province of Loei, 520 km from Bangkok. The Villas spread across 15 acres of ..

1,420 THB

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River Loei Grandview Hotel

Address: 279 M.2 T.Srisongkram A.Wang Saphung, Loei 42130

Area: Wang Saphung

River Loei Grandview Hotel is located at Wang Saphung Loei, offering 22 Guest. Room amenities includes free-of-charge Wi-Fi Internet, Int ..

550 THB

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Bansabaidee Loei

Address: 244 M.3 20 Road, I Pum, A.Dan Sai, Loei 42120

Area: Dan Sai

Bansabaidee Loei is located at Dansai Loei , offering 24 Guest. Room amenities includes free-of-charge Wi-Fi Internet, International Dire ..

520 THB

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Sri Chiang Khan Best Selling

Address: 113 Moo1 Srichiangkhan Rd. Chiangkhan, Loei 42110

Area: Chiangkan

Sri Chiang khan is located in the town of Chaing Khan, offers clean rooms with free Wi Fi. Sri Chiang Khan Hotel also offers many facilities ..

1,500 THB

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Loei Orchid

Address: 1/41 Sathon Chiangkhan Road, Tumbol Kupong , Loei 42000

Area: Loei-City

Loei Orchid Hotel Situated in the heart of Loei, the Loei Orchid Hotel offers different rooms for holidaymakers came to admire most beautifu ..

653 THB

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